“Community Portal” Launched

With changes in technology progressing every day, the Village of Skokie continues to look for avenues to improve the ways in which it conducts business, both internally and externally.  Most recently, through its membership in the Geographic Information System (GIS) Consortium, Skokie has launched the Community Portal tool on this home page.


Street Resurfacing Projects

The 2014 Village of Skokie street resurfacing projects are underway. The Village has four street resurfacing projects planned that encompass a total of 4.8 miles of roadway. The Village’s current budget includes just over $4 million for resurfacing, $1.41 million of which is from state and grant funds as detailed here.

Construction Notice
Oakton Street/McCormick Boulevard

Due to a large-scale, private construction project underway in the vicinity of Oakton Street and McCormick Boulevard, lane closures on both streets will be necessary during the fall season.


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