Community Development Department - Property Standards

The Property Standards Division conducts periodic interior inspections of all multi-unit buildings. The Division also performs exterior inspections on all buildings in the Village. Tenant-landlord complaints are handled through a Request for Service Program.  Other Division responsibilities include the CDBG funded Home Improvements Program and enforcement of the removal of graffiti.  Through enforcement of the Village Code , the Division seeks to preserve the quality of the Village neighborhoods and protect each property owner’s investment and the well-being of the building’s occupants.

Neighborhood Integrity Program

Click here for more information on the Residential Rental Unit and Neighborhood Integrity Initiative.

Weed Ordinance
The Village of Skokie prides itself in maintaining a high level of cleanliness and sanitation throughout the community.  Unfortunately, some property owners, whether businesses or homeowners, fail to control the growth of weeds and grass on their properties.  This can become an eyesore and can potentially have a negative effect on property values.

The Village expects that all property owners maintain their properties, which includes keeping grass and weeds below six inches in height.  Weeds are defined as any plants that were not intentionally planted. For example, native plant gardens and vegetable gardens are not considered weeds.

Citation Process - Section 42-39 of the Skokie Village Code states that all weeds, including grass in excess of six inches, are declared a public nuisance.  The Village actively enforces this ordinance.  Once a property is determined to be in violation, through either a citizen complaint or a staff observation, a notice is posted on the property giving the owner 5 days to come into compliance.  After 5 days, the property is re-inspected.  If the property is still in violation at this point, the Village will have the weeds cleared and charge the owner for the expenses incurred.  If these charges are not paid, a lien will be placed against the property.

If you have any questions or would like to make a complaint about weeds, please contact the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8223.

Home Improvements Program
If you are a Skokie homeowner you may be eligible to receive financial assistance for eligible home repairs. The goal of this program is to assist moderate-and low-income households in maintaining the quality of their homes and reducing energy consumption. A well weatherized home means increased year-round comfort and smaller utility bills.  

Qualified low-income households may receive grants from the Village of up to $12,000 for eligible housing improvements. Eligible grantees are required to sign a separate payback agreement.  Qualified moderate-income households may receive interest- free loans from local banks up to $12,000. The Village of Skokie will make the grants and interest subsidies to homeowners using federal Community Development Block Grant funds.  

For an application of the Home Improvement Program click here. If you would like additional information, please contact the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8224.

Graffiti Removal Program
When the Village observes graffiti or is notified that graffiti exists, a Police Investigation Report is filed. This report is forwarded to the Property Standards Division for a follow-up inspection and a written notification requiring removal is sent to the property owner.  If the graffiti is not removed within ten days of notification, the Village will remove the graffiti at the property owner's expense.  By removing the graffiti from your property you help to eliminate its adverse effect on your neighborhood.

If you need assistance or information on removal methods or removal firms, please contact the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8224.

Vehicles parked on private residential property are required to be operable and currently licensed. Many commercial vehicles cannot be parked on a residential lot or a residentially zoned street.  All vehicles must be parked on a durable, approved surface. Other Village Code requirements are:

  • Tires, car parts, or repair equipment cannot be stored in public view.

  • Inoperable vehicles parked on Village streets are subject to citation or towing.

  • Major repairs and spray painting of vehicles on private property is not permitted.

  • Dumping toxic materials, such as oil or other fluids, in public street drains, gutters, or on public or private property is environmentally unsafe and a serious violation of the Village Code and State and Federal Law.

Home Maintenance Tips
The Village of Skokie encourages its citizens to maintain high standards of property maintenance. The Property Standards staff works directly with the community to assist with any concerns citizens may have pertaining to property maintenance. When assessing conditions in your neighborhood that need to be addressed, use the checklist below as a guide for identifying some of the more common violations:

  •  Peeling paint 

  •  Inoperable or abandoned vehicles

  •  Possible fire hazards

  •  Accumulation of storage and debris

  •  Boat, RV, and trailer storage

  •  Graffiti

  •  Condition of accessory structures

  •  Weeds

  •  Broken windows, doors, or fences

  •  Abandoned buildings

If a violation is cited, a notice is sent to the property owner identifying the code violations. Failure to correct the problems within the required time frame may result in the issuance of citations.

If you need additional information or wish to make a complaint, contact the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8224.

The Property Standards Division will respond to a tenant complaint of a code violation. The property owner is responsible for maintaining the building in compliance with the minimum standards established in the adopted 2009 International Property Maintenance Code. If a code violation exists in your building or apartment, you should first notify the owner of the problem. If the owner fails to respond in a timely fashion, call the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8224 to schedule an appointment.

In March 2009, the Village Board approved a new ordinance amending Chapter 42-35 pertaining to Nuisance properties and also created a new section, Chapter 42-43, titled: Crime free lease provisions; Obligations of landlords and tenants to commit to crime free tenancies.  The ordinance established creation of the Nuisance Intervention and Prevention committee comprised of staff members from several Village Departments to be responsible for oversight and enforcement.

The Village of Skokie does not have a Tenant-Landlord Ordinance.  Security deposit interest and other lease issues may be regulated by the State of Illinois.  The Attorney General has published information on Landlord Tenant Rights and Laws.

Click here to get more information regarding the proposed multi-unit rental licensing program.

Flood Control Program
The Village will assist you and your neighbors in designing a drainage system to correct flooding problems in your yard or block. Although the Village will provide the system design, assist in project biding, and inspect the completed system at no cost, property owners must pay the entire cost of building the system. Upon receiving the signed application, the Village will meet with you and your neighbors to develop alternative methods for the correction of the flooding problem. For a printable Flood Control Program Application, click here. To learn more about the Village's comprehensive Storm Water Runoff Control Program, please click here.

Lawn Equipment Noise

Please not that lawn equipment may only be operated between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Friday; between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturdays and between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Sundays and holidays.

Downspout Disconnection
The Skokie Village Code requires that all exterior downspouts on buildings in R1, R2, and R3 districts in Skokie are to be disconnected from the sewer system. This requirement is an important part of the Village's ongoing program to control storm water runoff and basement flooding.

For questions regarding the Downspout Disconnection Program, please contact the Building Division at 847/933-8223.