Commission on Family Services

The Commission on Family Services provides a forum for focus on a wide range of issues concerning Skokie's most vulnerable citizens.  Recommendations on policies, programs and procedures are made to the Mayor and Board of Trustees.

Mission Statement

To facilitate improvement in the quality of life for Skokie's most vulnerable persons regardless of age, physical well-being, or socio-economic status, through public information, education and advocacy.

The Skokie Commission on Family Services is composed of community members who:

  • Reflect, as much as possible, the demographics of Skokie;
  • Have unique training, interests and backgrounds that are of assistance to the Commission in its efforts; and
  • Represent public and private organizations that provide social services to Skokie residents.

Commission on Family Services Members

Harold Primack, Chair
Rabbi Neil Brief (Emeritus)
Yvonne Davis
Romeo Esangga
Wendy Gahm
Shajan Jose
Lee Leibik
Dr. Edward McCarron
Don Miner
Heather O'Donnell
Nicole Perry
Harold Primack
Richard Reagen
Annie Shear
Brian Williams
Trustee Liaison:  Edie Sue Sutker
Liaison:  Beth Lindley

Commission size:  24 members, 2 liaisons
Term:  Each member shall serve for three years
Meeting date:  First Wednesday of the month.  There is no meeting in July and August.