Public Works Department -
Construction Material Disposal Guidelines

For all contract construction jobs, large do-it-yourself projects, or when materials placed for collection exceed one-cubic yard, homeowners must make arrangements with a private hauler.


How to dispose:

Wood, lumber, trim materials, drywall, aluminum siding, and garage doors:

Must not exceed five (5) feet in length, and should be tied and stacked neatly. All protruding nails or screws must be removed or bent over.

Small drywall and wood pieces:

Should be broken up or bundled, not to exceed 18" diameter and five (5) feet in length. Smaller pieces must be in a box, and not exceed fifty (50) pounds.

Small amounts of concrete, bricks or roofing:*

Must be containerized in boxes and not exceed fifty (50) pounds.


Place next to refuse cart. Broken glass must be securely contained in a box.

* Large concrete chunks resulting from sidewalks, patios, driveways, and do-it-yourself roof tear-offs will not be collected and private disposal arrangements will need to be made.

** This does not include large windows, such as bay windows.  Large windows will not be collected and private disposal arrangements will need to be made.

Construction material generated by the homeowner in excess of one cubic yard per set-out must meet Village disposal requirements prior to collection.

Note: Before finalizing a contract for a construction or remodeling job, the homeowner must make arrangements with the contractor or contact a private hauler to remove the debris. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of all construction debris left by a private contractor. The Village will only collect remodeling debris generated from small, do-it-yourself construction jobs that have been properly prepared as described above.