Public Works Department - 2014 Construction Projects

Click here to view the 2014 Village Construction Project map. Thank you in advance to Skokie residents for their patience with these important improvement projects.

Crawford Avenue Construction Project
For more information and updates on the Crawford Avenue Construction Project, please click here.

Downtown Skokie Improvements
Timetable: March 2013 through mid-summer 2014
The completion of the major streetscape improvements on Oakton Street and Lincoln Avenue.  Work this spring includes the completion of curb, sidewalk, brick pavers, traffic signal modernization, pedestrian safety enhancements, signage upgrades, street furniture and landscaping.

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2014 Village Construction Projects

Main Street Resurfacing
Timetable: April-June, August-October
The Village has secured funds to resurface the two remaining portions of Main Street this year.  The first project will begin this spring and will resurface between Lincoln Avenue and Skokie Boulevard.  The second project is anticipated to begin later in the year and will complete the section between Crawford Avenue and McCormick Boulevard.

Residential Street Resurfacing
Timetable: May-July, August-October
Resurfacing of over three miles of residential streets at various locations throughout the Village. This will be completed in two projects.

Intersection of Church Street and Crawford Avenue:  Traffic Signal Replacement
Timetable: April-June
The existing signal will be replaced and modernized with new signal equipment and intersection operational upgrades.

Intersection of Pratt Avenue and Carpenter Road:  Traffic Signal Replacement
Timetable: August-October
A joint project with Chicago and Lincolnwood.  The existing signal will be replaced and modernized with new signal equipment and intersection operational upgrades.

Green Alley Program
Timetable:  August-October
Four alleys will be reconstructed with permeable pavers.  The work will create an improved driving surface and reduce storm water runoff into the sewer system.

Skokie Multi-Use Path: Oakton Street to Lincoln Avenue
A new bituminous path will be constructed connecting the existing path at Oakton Street to a soon-to-be constructed path in the Village of Lincolnwood at Lincoln Avenue.

Water Main Improvements
Timetable: April-July
Water main replacement at three locations in the Village will occur this spring.  Several water valves located throughout the Village will also be replaced with this project.

Crawford Avenue Improvements
Timetable: March-August 2015
A major Cook County reconstruction project is occurring on Crawford Avenue between Oakton Street and Devon Avenue.  Work will begin this spring and includes new storm sewer, pavement reconstruction, traffic signal upgrades, sidewalk and median improvements.  

Illinois Department of Transportation
Timetable: March-September
Completion of the project at the intersections of Church Street/ Gross Point Road, Church Street/ Skokie Boulevard, and Gross Point Road/ Skokie Boulevard and a new project that will provide upgrades to 29 signals throughout the Village.

Sewer Rehabilitation
Timetable: Various
Sewer lining repairs throughout the Village will resume this spring. Another project that will be completed this year will focus on sewer point repairs throughout the Village.   The Village also has an annual sewer cleaning program which improves sewer flow and identifies future needs.

Sidewalk Improvement Project
Timetable: July-August
This maintenance program replaces broken sections of sidewalk.  Concrete street patching and the replacement of broken curb are included with this project.  This year, work will focus on the area between Church Street and Golf Road.

High-Priority Patching Program
Timetable: April
This project repairs large bituminous patches and berms throughout the Village.

2013 Completed Construction Projects:

East Oakton Street Improvements
The Village received grant funding to help construct streetscape improvements on Oakton Street between Skokie Boulevard and Lowell Avenue.  Improvements included sidewalk, street lights, brick pavers and landscaping.  The remaining landscaping will be completed early in 2014.

Intersection of Main Street and Central Park Avenue:  New Traffic Signal
A new traffic signal was installed at this intersection. 

Intersection of Skokie Boulevard and Old Orchard Road: Roadway Reconstruction Project
Work at this intersection which was a continuation of the improvements and matched the project limits of the Golf Road/ Skokie Boulevard improvement is complete.  The improvements for this reconstructed intersection included an eastbound right turn lane, northbound dual left turn lanes, traffic signal modernization and infrastructure upgrades. 

Water Main Improvements
Water main replacement on Carpenter Road between Touhy Avenue and Pratt Avenue was completed.  Several water valves located throughout the Village were also replaced with this project.

Non-Arterial Street Resurfacing
Resurfacing of three miles of residential streets at various locations throughout the Village was completed.

Community Development Block Grant Resurfacing
Resurfacing of 0.5 miles of CDBG eligible streets, north of Oakton Street took place.

Sidewalk Improvement Project
This maintenance program replaced over 16,000 square feet of broken sections of sidewalk.

High-Priority Patching Program
This project provided repairs for many surface patches.  This work was included with the fall 2013 resurfacing project.

Cook County Highway Department
The County completed a patching and diamond grinding project for Old Orchard Road, Harms Road to west of the Edens Expressway.