Public Works Department - Engineering Division

Civil Engineering
The Civil Engineering Division is responsible for designing, supervising, and monitoring the construction of municipal infrastructure projects such as street paving, street resurfacing, alley grading, water main replacement, bike path construction, landscaping, and parking lot construction. The Civil Engineering Division investigates and implements the elements of the Storm Water Runoff Control Program, including coordination, plan review, project management, and construction supervision.

From time to time the Village is asked to help with rear yard drainage issues.  The Village offers a complimentary program to help residents alleviate these problems.  The engineering staff will survey the subject area and identify solutions to help reduce ponding in the rear yard.  Solutions may include an installation of a catch basin in the rear yard, re-grading the yard or a shifting of downspouts.  The Village identifies the solution at no cost, but does not contribute financially to the implementation.  Click here to access the Residential Yard Drainage Assistance Program form.

Engineering Residential Plan Submittal Requirements
All civil engineering residential plans submitted for permit application review must be properly bound and include all pertinent information found in the form available by clicking here.

Benchmarks in Skokie
A benchmark provides precise information, including the height and location of a certain geographic point, for the use in surveying. Skokie provides over 100 benchmarks, most of which are classified as having second order accuracy.  Please click here to view the benchmark interactive map.

Traffic Engineering
The Traffic Engineering Division's primary goals are to ensure the safe, efficient, and economical operation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the Village, and to preserve and improve the safety and general quality of the respective residential, business, and industrial areas of the Village for issues involving transportation matters. This division is also responsible for maintaining street lights, operation of traffic signals, traffic control signage and pavement markings.

Reviews and inspections regarding private development projects for conformance with Village Code and ordinances is also a primary function of the division, as well as providing engineering assistance to other divisions, commissions, and task forces.

Click here to access ComEd's Streetlight Maintenance Form.

Many of the more heavily used roads in Skokie such as Crawford Avenue, McCormick Boulevard, Old Orchard Road and Skokie Boulevard are not under Skokie's jurisdiction.  Click here to view a chart showing the jurisdictions of various Skokie roadways.

Cost Share 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program
Each year, the Village identifies sidewalks that present safety concerns and must be replaced. If the sidewalk adjacent to your residence is upheaved, recessed or severely cracked, you must participate in a mandatory cost share sidewalk replacement program. The Village will pay approximately half of the cost of the sidewalk replacement and will coordinate with a sidewalk contractor to perform the work. In addition to this mandatory program, residents desiring replacement of public sidewalk in similar condition, not identified by the mandatory program,  may participate in a voluntary cost share replacement program.

For more information, contact the Engineering Department at 847/933-8232.

Curb & Gutter Replacement
The Village annually budgets approximately $50,000 for curb and gutter not being repaired under other Village programs. This includes curb that is removed by the Water and Sewer Division for repairing catch basins and inlets, curb that is damaged by snow plows, and curb that is missing, severely cracked or spalled.

This is a village wide program. No specific area or block is targeted. Residents are encouraged to request this work. Requests are reviewed by Engineering staff. Curbs adjacent to driveways are not repaired under this program and are the responsibility of the owner as part of their driveway permit.

For more information, contact the Engineering Department at 847/933-8232.