Health Department - Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division of the Skokie Health Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Village's environmental health codes. Registered sanitarians inspect local restaurants, retail food establishments, nursing homes, day care centers, and day care homes. The Division also responds to complaints of conditions creating a public nuisance or a health hazard. If a problem is identified, the sanitarians work with the establishment or property owner to rectify the situation in a non-confrontational manner. Environmental Health staff can issue citations in those situations where there is a recurring problem or non-compliance.

Weed Ordinance

The Village of Skokie prides itself in maintaining a high level of cleanliness and sanitation throughout the community.  Unfortunately, some property owners, whether businesses or homeowners, fail to control the growth of weeds and grass on their properties.  This can become an eyesore and can potentially have a negative effect on property values.

The Village expects that all property owners maintain their properties, which includes keeping grass and weeds below six inches in height.  Weeds are defined as any plants that were not intentionally planted. For example, native plant gardens and vegetable gardens are not considered weeds.

Citation Process - Section 42-39 of the Skokie Village Code states that all weeds, including grass in excess of six inches, are declared a public nuisance.  The Village actively enforces this ordinance.  Once a property is determined to be in violation, through either a citizen complaint or a staff observation, a notice is posted on the property giving the owner 10 days to come into compliance.  After 10 days, the property is re-inspected.  If the property is still in violation at this point, the Village will have the weeds cleared and charge the owner for the expenses incurred.  If these charges are not paid, a lien will be placed against the property.

If you have any questions or would like to make a complaint about weeds, please contact the Health Department's Environmental Division at 847/933-8484.

Water Quality

As a part of its ongoing testing program to assure the safety of Skokie's drinking water, the Environmental Health Division collects 72 water samples per month from various locations throughout the Village for analysis. In addition, if you feel there may be a problem with your water, the Skokie Health Department can collect a sample for testing if it is deemed necessary. In some cases you will be referred to a private laboratory. If you would like to know more about the Village of Skokie's water testing program, call the Skokie Health Department's Environmental Health Division at 847/ 933-8484.  To view the Village's 2014 Water Quality Report (current), please click here.

Rat Control in Skokie

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