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Annual Report

Click here to access the 2018 Health Department Annual Report. 

Health Clinics
To schedule an appointment for one of the Health Department's clinics or services, please call 847/933-8252.  

Dental, Medical and Vision Clinics
Click here to view a listing of medical clinics that offer services to individuals without health insurance.
Click here to view a listing of area dentists who accept those without insurance and those who receive All Kids or Public Aid.
Click here to to view a listing of area vision doctors who accept those without insurance and those who receive All Kids or Public Aid.

Skokie Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Orientation
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The Skokie Health Department is only one of seven state-certified municipal health departments in Illinois and provides a wide range of services to Skokie residents. 

Animal Control
The Skokie Health Department provides a variety of  animal control services for Skokie residents. Animal control staff are responsible for the enforcement of the Village's animal ordinances. Services include domestic animal control, wildlife control, and animal adoption information.

Environmental Health
The Skokie Health Department's Environmental Health Division is responsible for enforcement of several Village health codes. This includes inspections of local restaurants, retail food establishments, nursing homes, day care centers, and day care homes. It responds to complaints of conditions creating a public nuisance or a health hazard. The Environmental Health Division also provides carbon monoxide testing, microwave oven testing, and water testing for Skokie residents.

Personal Health
The Skokie Health Department's Personal Health Division provides a variety of clinics and services for the residents of Skokie. For a complete list of the Personal Health Services provided by the Health Department, please see the directory to the right or call the Health Department at 847/933-8252.

Birth and Death Records
The Skokie Health Department is the local registrar for all births and deaths that occur in the Village of Skokie. Birth and Death records are maintained for these events from 1969 to the present. Certified copies of these records are available from the Health Department. For information on how to obtain a certified copy of a birth or death certificate, click here.

Directory of Health Department Services
Click here to access a complete listing of Health Department Programs and Services.

From Left to Right the names of the Skokie Health Department staff pictured:

Back Row:  Zohab Mirza, David Clough, Ryan Reconnu, Bruce Jones, Bill Kok, Sue Reisberg, Cindy Starks and Lori Kaplan

Front Row:  Marianne Maggi, Darlene Codd, Lillian LaSanta, Penny Staffney, Dwayne McLin, Maricar Fernandez, Claudia Braden, Shelley Wax and Dr. Catherine Counard