Residential Rental Unit Standards and Neighborhood Integrity Ordinance

The Village of Skokie values its rental properties as a key component of vibrant and functional neighborhood life.  The Village Board approved the Residential Rental Unit Standards and Neighborhood Integrity Initiative and ordinance in early 2014 to help protect and strengthen this environment.  Within the Village there are approximately 1,200 multi-unit buildings providing 5,000 units of rental housing.  There also are approximately 1,500 single family homes, duplexes and townhouses that are rented throughout the Village.  The Village recognizes that landlords are critical components of the neighborhoods throughout the community.  In an effort to provide effective tools for landlords, the Village will provide additional trained staff from the Skokie Police Department and the Property Standards Division in a coordinated approach to marshal all Village resources for the benefit of neighborhoods.

Starting late April and May 1 the following key components of the ordinance will be implemented:

Rental Unit Registration: The ordinance requires that every residential rental unit must be registered prior to being offered for rent. Only rental units in condominium buildings with more than four units and owner occupied units in rental buildings are exempt from the registration requirements. Rental property owners will be mailed a registration form and instructions in April. All registration forms must be returned to the Village by May 1 with the required registration fee of $25 per unit.  Registration forms and information pamphlet on registration and frequently asked questions may also be downloaded from the Village’s website at Fee waivers are available to qualified unit owners.

Owner Seminar: The owner or operator of a rental unit applying for registration must successfully complete the Village Residential Rental Property Landlord Seminar.  These free maximum four hour information/ training seminars started in June 2014.  The seminars will be held at the Skokie Police Department on weekdays, evenings and Saturday mornings.  Information on seminar dates, times, and registration processes will be mailed to owners/operators and will also be available on the Village’s website along with an information pamphlet.

The Landlord Training Seminar Application can be found by clicking here. Classes are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.
  • Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

Inspection Upon Sale: Starting May 1st Village Transfer Stamps will not be issued by the Village Clerk’s Office for the sale of any multi-unit rental building or single family house, duplex or townhouse used as a residential rental unit until an inspection is performed by the Property Standards Division and any and all identified code violations have been corrected. Rental units in a condominium building with more than four units are exempt from this requirement. An Upon Sale inspection report from the Village must be dated no more than 180 days prior to the date of closing and no later than the day of the closing.  Inspection areas will include exterior building and property areas, common interior building areas and all dwelling units.  Applications for the Upon Sale Inspection Program and an inspection check list can be obtained from Village Hall at the Clerk’s Office, the Property Standards Division, and on the Village’s website along with an information pamphlet.

Certified Owner Program: Starting May 1 the Village will offer a voluntary Certified Owner Program.  This program would allow an owner/landlord to advertise as a Certified Owner provided that: 1. The property has been inspected by the Property Standards Division and is in substantial compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances and regulations; 2. All units are inspected for working smoke and CO detectors, and GFI outlets where required; 3.Sucessful completion of the Village Residential Rental Property Landlord Seminar; 4. The owner agrees to a security audit of the building and property by the Neighborhood Standards Officer and is in substantial compliance with the most recent audit; and, 5. The owner has contact information posted on the building as required by the ordinance. Applications for the Certified Owner Program can be obtained from Village Hall at the Property Standards Division and on the Village’s website.

Crime free addendum: An important element of the new ordinance is the crime free provisions.  Owners are required to have tenants sign a crime free addendum as part of the lease.  The Village has a standard form that must be used which can be obtained from the Property Standards Division or on the Village website.  The mandatory addendum makes it a violation of the lease for any tenant or invitee of the tenant to engage in violent or drug relate crimes or to use the leased premises for such purposes.  The Police Neighborhood Standards Officer and Village of Skokie Corporation Counsel’s office will assist landlords in addressing tenant issues regarding the violation of the addendum and nuisance activity that may lead to the eviction of a tenant. crime free addendum and information pamphlet with frequently asked questions may be obtained from the Property Standards Division and on the Village’s website at

The Village is looking forward to the implementation of the Residential Rental Unit Standards and Neighborhood Integrity Initiative that will strengthen neighborhoods and the relationship with property owners/operators.  For more information on the program or to obtain necessary applications please contact the Property Standards Division at 847/933-8224 or by going to the Village website at

Forms and Informational Brochures

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