Police Department - Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit

The Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit remains active in its efforts to disseminate information to the public regarding personal safety and the prevention of crime.

Presentations and Special Events
Group meetings within the Village of Skokie, including business associations, youth groups and senior organizations, are provided the opportunity to have an Officer speak about crime prevention topics of interest.  Some subjects covered include personal safety and general crime prevention, identity theft, bank robbery and gang awareness.

Informational Brochures
The Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit offers a variety of information brochures for Skokie residents including the following:

  • Senior Power vs. Con Artists
  • Hazardous Home Sites
  • Home Security
  • Crime Prevention Program

  • School Safety and "Officer Friendly"
    Skokie Police Department School Safety Programs are presented to children in pre-school through 8th grade and in to high school.  The following topics are covered:

    • Stranger Danger
    • Home Alone
    • Decision Making Skills
    • Internet Safety
    • Self-Esteem Building
    • Good Touch/Bad Touch
    • Peer Pressure
    • Bullying
    • Building Lockdown/Crisis Planning Review
    • Drug and Gang Awareness

    School Safety programs are administered by the "Officer Friendly," beginning with pre-school.  Sessions last up to 30 minutes and are age-appropriate.  For example, pre-schoolers learn about 9-1-1 and what to do in case they are lost.  In first grade, stranger danger is emphasized.  At the high school level, the programs deal with relevant information for students who are in drivers' education programs.  State of Illinois laws are reviewed and students are taught to understand that having a drivers license is a privilege.

    Project S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone)
    This student safety program was developed in cooperation with the Skokie Police Department and a committee of staff members of Skokie schools. Project SAFE expands the curriculum from kindergarten through 5th grade and fosters a positive relationship between students and the police. Project SAFE is taught by a Crime Prevention Officer, who focus upon school safety education.  Students in all public Skokie elementary schools are taught under a standardized curriculum. Major subjects covered include personal, home, and community safety. Lessons are age-appropriate and different for each grade level.  Project SAFE is a tailor-made program, developed for and by Skokie teachers and police. Project SAFE is flexible and can be modified to meet the changing needs of students in the Skokie community.

    Neighborhood Watch

    This program is simply a matter of "neighbors watching out for neighbors," and communicating with each other. The program originated in 1982, and has grown to 165 blocks with more than 4,200 participants. The program is continually growing. If more than 50% of the block residents wish to participate, an organizational meeting is held. The program is explained and a block captain is selected.

    Four times year, the Department publishes a newsletter. The newsletter generally addresses a seasonal topic such as "Halloween Safety" in the fall.   Click on a link below to download a copy of the Neighborhood Watch newsletter.

    Spring 2008                                   Summer 2008                                       Fall 2008                                           Winter 2008

    Spring 2009

    If a crime occurs on or near a Neighborhood Watch block, the Department issues a Crime Alert addressing the incident. There are also social benefits of the program. For example, Block Watch provides an enhanced sense of community and cooperation, and increase neighbor interaction.  The Skokie Police Department asks that any person interested in the program to please contact the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at 847/982-5919.

    Security Surveys
    Security Surveys cover home safety, house and business alarms, locking systems, lighting and parking issues. An officer will check a number of security factors and also will make recommendations about the interior of the building, such as ways to improve security of doors and windows. If you are interested in scheduling a Security Survey, please contact the Crime Prevention/Community Relations Unit at 847/982-5919.