Police Department - Special Assignments

School Resource Officer
Officers are assigned to each of the two District 219 Niles Township High Schools as well Lincoln and Old Orchard Junior High Schools.  The primary goal is to bridge the gap between the Police Department and the school community, to allow a proactive approach to school and youth-related crime issues including truancy, runaways, and drug and alcohol use.  Officers also conduct numerous classroom, staff, parent and student meetings and orientations. 

Peer Jury
The Peer Jury program is a community alternatives approach to the prosecution and court supervision of certain first-time, non-violent juvenile offenders.  Peer jurors range in age from 14 to 17 from Niles West and Niles North High Schools, Evanston Township High School, Ida Crown Jewish Academy and North Ridge Preparatory School. 

North Regional Major Crimes Task Force
13 area law enforcement agencies pool together designated personnel and equipment resources  in order to create the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force (NORTAF).  Member communities include Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Kenilworth, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Northbrook, Wheeling and Winnetka.  NORTAF exists to assist area police departments with investigation of homicides and kidnappings. 

Community Youth-at-Risk Task Force
The Youth-at-Risk Task Force meets monthly in order ensure a free-exchange of information on youth and gang-related activities in the Skokie area.  Excellent proactive partnerships have developed between the school, park district, Village of Skokie and local family/youth counseling services as a result of this Task Force.

Youth Outreach Program
The Youth Outreach Program is a collaboration of the Skokie Police Department, Village of Skokie, Circuit Court, schools, social service and not-for-profit agencies working together in the interest of youths and their families.  The program offers early intervention to juveniles and young adults and provides the courts with an array of options for dealing with youth offenders.  There is a monthly Youthful Offender Court Call that works in conjunction with the Youth Outreach Program.

Bicycle Patrol
The Bicycle Patrol Unit consists of a supervisor and 12 Police Officers that are generally assigned to patrol parks, shopping centers, school grounds and other areas best suited for non-motorized patrol. 

Triad Program
The purpose of the Triad Program is to increase lines of communication with senior citizens of the community.  The group meets quarterly in order to provide a forum for ongoing dialog regarding the delivery of law enforcement services, community involvement, victimization and other pertinent topics. 

Anti-Graffiti Program
The Police Department has spearheaded an effective Village-wide anti-graffiti campaign since the mid-1990's.  Follow-up for each graffiti incident is made by partnering with Village of Skokie departments or outside agencies, the Chicago Transit Authority and the Illinois Department of Transportation.  The efforts of these agencies contribute greatly to the program's ongoing success.

Volunteer Program
The Volunteer Program includes participants from the Citizen Police Academy alumni and Skokie Police Explorer Post #300.  Academy alumni and Police Explorers assist in numerous Village of Skokie events throughout the year including the Festival of Cultures, Fourth of July Parade, Backlot Bash and fireworks display, Bicycle Rodeo and the Village of Skokie Open House.