Official Skokie Public Safety Bulletin

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April 26, 2016

Notable Incidents

Armed Robbery
Armed Robbery at Subway, 4925 Dempster Street, on April 21 at 4:13 a.m.  Reported:  04/21/2016

An unknown male subject, medium build, 35-40 years of age, wearing black framed glasses, a gray jacket with a hood, and a black hat and gloves entered the Subway, pointed a gun at the cashier, and demanded money.  The cashier handed over approximately $370.00 in cash and the unknown subject exited out the south entrance.

Burglary from Motor Vehicle
Burglary from Motor Vehicle on the 5300 block of Old Orchard Road, between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on April 21.  Reported:  04/23/2016

Unknown person(s) entered the victim’s vehicle while it was parked and unoccupied and stole $50,000.00 from inside the glove compartment.

Deceptive Practices
Deceptive Practices on the 9500 block of Crawford Avenue, between 4:31 p.m. on April 21 and 4:31 p.m. on April 22.  Reported:  April 22, 2016

Unknown person(s) collected $1700.00 in E-Bay gift cards as payment for a vehicle the victim thought he was purchasing through an on-line transaction.

Theft at Express, 4999 Old Orchard Road, on April 22 at 3:38 p.m.  Reported:  04/22/2016

Unknown person(s) stole the victim’s wallet after the victim left it on the counter in Express.

Theft of Lost Property
Theft of Lost Property at Pep Boys, 5220 Touhy Avenue, between 7:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. on April 23.  Reported: 04/23/2016

Unknown person(s) stole the victim’s backpack containing camera accessories from a table in the parking lot at Pep Boys.

Retail Theft
Retail Theft at Old Navy, 9435 Skokie Boulevard, between 2:40 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. on April 23.  Reported:  04/23/2016

Four female black subjects entered Old Navy and while two of the subjects distracted employees, two selected clothing items from the baby section.  The items were placed in Old Navy bags, and all the subjects ran out of the store without paying for the items, entering a tan/gray vehicle. 

Criminal Damage to Property
Criminal Damage to Property on the 8800 block of Ewing Avenue, on April 23 between 11:11 p.m. and 11:12 p.m.  Reported:  04/23/2016

The victim reported hearing a loud crash coming from her front room.  It was discovered that unknown person(s) threw a large brick through the victim’s front window.

Criminal Damage to Property on the 4900 block of Old Orchard Center, 5:05 p.m. and 8:55 p.m. on April 23.  Reported:  04/24/2016

Unknown person(s) scratched the victim’s vehicle with an unknown tool while it was parked in the lot.

Castro, Joe P., 18, 5155 Madison Street, was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Cannabis on the 4800 block of Church Street, on 04/21/2016.

Rundblad, Christian D., 21, 1301 Brophy Avenue, Park Ridge, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Unlawful Possession of Cannabis, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia on the 5100 block of Oakton Street, on 04/21/2016.

Sanchez Ratliff, Michael G., 22, 9127 Lawler, Apt. G, was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Cannabis and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia on the 4900 block of Church Street, on 04/22/2016.

Strong, Rashad A., 29, 8939 Bronx Avenue Apt. 1, was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Cannabis on the 4100 block of Main Street, on 04/24/2016.

Choi, Hannyl L., 21, 1030 Burton Terrace, Glenview, was arrested for Retail Theft at Sephora, 4999 Old Orchard Center, on 04/21/2016.

Scott, Daniel P., 25, 2820 N. 75th Avenue, Elmwood Park, was arrested for Retail Theft at Macy’s, 4909 Old Orchard Center, on 04/22/2016.

Hampton, Willie E., 57, 9027 Knox Avenue, Apt. D2, was arrested for Criminal Trespass to Real Property at Starbucks, 5001 Dempster Street, on 04/24/2016.

NOTICE:  Notable incidents are listed in the Public Safety Bulletin upon completion of the police report.  If the police report for a particular incident is incomplete or the incident is still under investigation, appearance in the Official Public Safety Bulletin may be delayed.


Good News Notes

  • A Skokie resident from the 8600 block of Drake wrote Chief Scarpelli a letter expressing her appreciation for the assistance Officer Long provided in getting a vehicle removed from in front of her home.  She said that Officer Long went out of his way to keep her updated on his progress and that the Skokie Police Department is lucky to have him.
  • A Skokie Commissioner recently wrote Chief Scarpelli a letter of thanks for the assistance of Sergeant Hartnett and Officers Ochoa and Roque when his wife died.  He said that they could not have been more helpful during the stressful time in his life.
  • A Skokie resident sent a letter to Chief Scarpelli to thank Officers Torres, Jacobsen  and the Skokie Police Department for the ride-a-long.  She said that Officer Torres was a terrific "host," and that Skokie is a better place because of Officer Torres and the other offices of the Skokie Police Department.
  • A Skokie resident recently wrote Chief Scarpelli to express his appreciation for the work of Commander Libit and Officers Krecisz, Long and DeLorm.  He said he recently attended funeral services at a local funeral home.  He requested assistance from the Skokie Police Department and was impressed with the response he received.  The resident said, "Commander Libit was very professional and sympathetic to the situation.  During the funeral procession, the Skokie Police did an excellent job with traffic control on the route." 
  • Michele Gemskie, Assistant State's Attorney, recently wrote Chief Scarpelli a letter of commendation for Detectives Pore, Johnston, Kruswicki and Nelson's assistance with the investigation of an attempted abduction on January 20.  She said that armed only with a description of the defendant and his car, Skokie Police Department was able to locate and identify the offender.  Detective Pore gave extremely professional testimony at trial and the offender was given 25 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections.  
  • A resident recently emailed the Village of Skokie to thank Skokie Police Officers Delorm and Krecisz for their assistance with her car, which had become disabled on Dempster Street.  She said the officers helped her steer her car to a safe area, made sure she had a tow truck available and "made a scary situation more manageable."  

Crime Tip Hot Line Available 24/7

The Skokie Police Department has an automated Crime Tip Hot Line and invites the public to call 847/933-TIPS (8477) any time to report suspicious activity. Messages can be left anonymously, but it is helpful if those who call leave their contact information for Police follow up if necessary. Questions and concerns about public safety also can be emailed to