COVID-19 Data

All data points are provisional and subject to change upon completion of the investigation for each locally reported case to the Skokie Health Department. Daily case counts may change over time due to corrections in case jurisdiction, testing status, or identification of duplicate cases. The Skokie Health Department reports investigation data to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) through the Illinois-National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) on a continual basis. Based on when IDPH accesses the information, the reports issued at the State level may be different from what is being reported at the local level. The data for all graphs is updated daily, Monday through Friday, except for the graph showing Skokie's positivity rate which is updated weekly on Tuesdays. 

Note: Due to a backlog of COVID-19 data being processed by the IDPH, the Skokie Health Department is only receiving intermittent updates that are reflected on the data page of this site. The most current graphs will remain in place until new data is published. Updates are made Monday through Friday whenever new data is issued by the IDPH.

COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration Open

COVID-19 Vaccine Graphic 2 (JPG)

All Skokie residents age 16 and over, and healthcare workers employed at a Skokie healthcare provider, are invited to pre-register to receive a future notification from the Village's Health and Human Services Department when they qualify to make a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

The Village is following the guidelines of the Illinois Department of Public Health and will be providing free vaccinations in a multi-phased approach. For more information on these phases, click here

The Village will move to new phases as sufficient doses of the COVID-19 vaccine become available. Proof of Skokie residency and/or if applicable employment at a Skokie healthcare provider will be required to receive a vaccine.

Each household member age 16 and over must complete this survey.

Click here to access the COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration site.

Vaccination Data
Information on the overall percentage of Skokie residents that have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the percentages of residents ages 65 and older and residents ages 18 and older that have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Progress Chart April 12 (JPG)

Positivity Rate Information
The Village's most current positivity rate appears below, based on available data. Historic positivity rate data that is available also is posted below.

Weekly Positivity Rate January 7 through April 11 (JPG)
Skokie COVID-19 Positivity Graph November 2020 through February 2021 (JPG)

Skokie COVID-19 Positivity Rate Graph, July - October 2020 (JPG)

Skokie COVID-19 Positivity Rate March - June 2020 (JPG)