Community Solar

Skokie is a member of the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium (NSEAC).  The Consortium has partnered with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus to launch the state's largest community solar program called the through the CS2 Solar Clearinghouse Solution Program, which provides consumers guaranteed savings and easy access to community solar farms in northern Illinois.

What Is Community Solar?

A community solar project is a single site solar installation that is shared by multiple consumers (termed “subscribers”). Each subscriber receives credits for their share of the electricity generated by their community solar installation (termed “net metering credits”). These net metering credits reduce the amount of electricity charged to the subscriber’s account each month to yield cost savings. With community solar, subscribers can reduce their monthly electric bills with solar without installing solar panels on their house or business.

Benefits of Community Solar

Subscribers will receive credits toward their ComEd bills.  It is also an easy way to support clean energy generation in Illinois.  In addition, you do not have to invest in solar rooftop panels, which may not be right for everyone.

How Do I Sign-Up?

Visit to join the waitlist.  You will need your ComEd bill handy.  You are not obligated to participate by putting your name on the waitlist.  MC Squared Services LLC will be handling all of the sign-ups and account administration.  Once you have submitted your information, they will contact you when a solar farm is ready.  

On the Wait List?

New 2023:  CS2 has partnered with Nexamp to offer more community solar opportunities.  The benefits of the program remain the same.  Accounts on the waitlist will receive a letter and an email from Nexamp on how to sign-up.  Alternatively, waitlist customers can choose to take no action and wait for community solar to become available through MC Sqaured Services expected in fall of 2023 - watch for an email from

How Does Billing Work?

It is a two-stage process.  After successfully completing the enrollment process, you will receive net metering credits on your ComEd bill.  Then, after you have received your net metering credits for ComEd, MC Squared Energy Services, LLC or Nexamp will bill you for 90% of the net metering credits - leaving you with 10% of all net metering credits.  Note:  for new enrollments in 2023, MC Squared only bills the subscription fees as a separate invoice.  ComEd bills the remaining portion of your electricity charges.  

Do I Need to be a ComEd Customer to participate?

This requirement changed as of June 1, 2022 due to the passing of the Climate Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA).  Now subscribers of other electric suppliers are eligible to participate in community solar programs.  Members of ComEd's Peak Time Savings Program can also enroll in community solar.  

For more detailed information on billing and for other Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.  You do not need to contact the Village of Skokie to participate in the program.  However, if you have questions or problems signing up, please call Liz Zimmerman, Assistant to the Public Works Director at 847-933-8427.

Looking into solar panels instead?  The Village of Skokie is Solar-Friendly and received the Gold designation from Solsmart for making it faster and easier for homes and businesses to install solar panels.

You may choose a community solar offer from other Approved Vendors. For a complete list of your options, visit  

MC Squared Services does not solicit door to door or through telemarketing for this program.

For information on other sustainable initiatives, visit our Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission Page