Quarterly Beat Meeting Schedule

The Skokie Police Department’s quarterly Beat meeting in each of the Village’s nine geographic beats (see map) willBeat Map 02DEC20 Large size continue in 2024. Both permanent beat officers for each area, as well as Crime Prevention officers, attend the meetings to provide a regular opportunity for residents and stakeholders of the Beats to interact with members of the Skokie Police Department who patrol their neighborhoods, exchange information, identify recurring problems and jointly develop solutions to those problems. Click here to view an interactive Beat map.

The meetings last about one hour and include introductions, discussion of current crime conditions and any new or trending issues and updates on issues discussed at prior meetings. The Skokie Police Department invites residents as well as business owners and representatives of schools, houses of worship and neighborhood organizations to attend their beat meetings.

All 2024 beat meetings begin at 6 p.m. according to the following schedule:

  1. Beat 310: January 4, 2024 - Location TBD
  2. Beat 311: January 8, 2024 - Location TBD
  3. Beat 312: January 9, 2024 - Location TBD
  4. Beat 313: January 11, 2024 - Location TBD
  5. Beat 314: January 16, 2024 - Location TBD
  6. Beat 315: January 17, 2024 - Location TBD
  7. Beat 316: January 23, 2024 -  Location TBD
  8. Beat 317: January 25, 2024 - Location TBD
  9. Beat 318: this beat covers the Skokie Police Department front desk and thus is not a traditional neighborhood beat.


Beat meeting locations will be available soon.

Please scan the QR for updated locations and info.

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