Senior Engineer Samantha Maximilian

Length of time working for the Village of Skokie?
I began working for the Village in 2017, first as Transportation Engineer and then promoted to Senior Engineer in fall 2021.

What do you like most about your job?
Every project, permit review and/or resident concern presents its unique challenges. But I am able to contribute my Transportation Engineer Samantha Maximillian (JPG) experience and engineering skills in all of my work. I enjoy the diversity of the work that I do, and I am always focused on bettering the community I serve, which makes me feel good at the end of the day.

Why did you choose a career in the public sector?
Serving the public and using my education and experience to make an impact for the better are what drives me.

How does your background help you carry out your job duties and serve the community?
Being fluent in Spanish has helped me to communicate with contractors and residents.

What do you like most about Skokie?
I love Skokie’s accessibility to everything. Although I do not live in Skokie, I shop in Skokie, I have friends that live in Skokie, and I love to dine in Skokie.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your work for the Village of Skokie?
I have had many proud moments in the past year. From the onset of the pandemic all departments joined forces to make weekly phone calls to our most vulnerable residents to check on them. I was a part of the vaccination clinic planning meetings, and all departments brought their best skill sets to make the vaccination clinic happen before any other village/town in the area. Lastly, volunteering at the clinic to help check-in residents for their vaccines and help them make their second dose appointments.

What are your favorite Skokie restaurants?
Lao Sze Chuan is definitely one of the restaurants that has me driving in on the weekends.

Published summer 2021