Lieutenant Nicole Davis

Lieutenant Nicole Davis, Skokie Fire Department

Length of time working for the Village of Skokie?
I’ve been with the Village since 2002.

What do you like most about your job?
I like engaging with the public through education and the challenges we encounter through training.

Why did you choose a career as a firefighter?
I initially was going to school for sports medicine. I enrolled in a few EMS classes and was able to ride along with mySkokie Fire Department Lt. Nicole Davis (JPG) instructors. After spending time engaging in the work there, I made the decision to change fields and pursue the fire service and EMS. I haven’t ever looked back or doubted the decision.

How does your background help you carry out your job duties and serve the community?
I obtained my BA in Management in 2011, currently working on my Master of Public Health, and also run our CPR program. Reaching out and engaging the community while presenting education is important. If they learn ways to avoid situations that would lead to calling 9-1-1, or reducing the impact of the event, then they can discover how to help themselves, their family and this community before we arrive.

What do you like most about Skokie and what was your most interesting experience while on the job?
The Village is quite diversified, and I got to experience this the first time I attended the Festival of Cultures and worked the First Aid Station.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your work for the Village of Skokie?
 There are two. The first is my recent promotion, and the second is accepting the role of training our community through running our CPR program.

What are your favorite Skokie restaurants?
Due to the nature of the job, we don’t get much of an opportunity to experience outside food establishments. There’s usually a firefighter at each station on the individual shifts that steps up to cook. A few years ago we were working on Thanksgiving, and we all agreed to make it a potluck dinner- each of us made or brought something to share. While we weren’t able to be with our individual families, we were with our “other family,” and it made the holiday a bit more special and not just “another day.”

Published fall 2021