SEAC Chairperson Jenny Grossman's Tips on Home Composting
Grossman Family Composting Photo (JPG)We know you to be an active advocate for day-to-day actions that help our planet. Why do you compost?
We compost so that we reduce what we send to the landfill.  Landfills are blight, and often present issues of environmental justice. But most importantly, food waste in the landfill creates methane gas release, which is more harmful than CO2. Composting turns this food waste back into a useful product and greatly reduces greenhouse gas release.

How does it work?
We keep the orange bucket in a corner of our kitchen and put all of our food scraps, paper towels, and coffee grounds (and if space allows it, our cardboard egg cartons).  It has become second nature to us.  Everyone in the family participates, even my youngest who is three knows what goes in the compost, and she corrects anyone who gets it wrong or forgets!

If it gets close to full before pickup day, I just press it down to create more space.  Food waste compresses easily.  Once a week we place the bucket outside by our side door and the full bucket is replaced with a clean and empty bucket, and we start the process over again.

Talk to me straight – does it smell?
We keep our bucket inside and it rarely smells.  Near the end of the week there can be a slight odor during the few seconds you open the bucket lid to put something in.  Garbage also smells after a few days, so I see this as no different.  We have been doing this for nearly two years with no issues.

Are you ready to start composting?
Skokie residents can participate in special low service rates thanks to partnership between Collective Resource Compost and the Village. For more information and to sign-up for the program, click here.

Interested in a backyard composting bin?
Skokie offers a $25 reimbursement for approved compost bins. For more information, click here.

Interested in learning about backyard composting?
The Emily Oaks Nature Center offers periodic classes.  Call (847) 674-1500, ext. 2500 or for updated information on scheduling.

Skokie is a proud We Compost partner with the Illinois Food Scrap Coalition

Grossman Children Artwork (JPG)