Electoral Changes

In the November 2022 Illinois General Election, Skokie residents approved three referendums that changed Skokie Village Board elections to non-partisan, staggered terms for elected officials and hybrid representation through the creation of four districts represented by one trustee each and two at-large trustee representatives. Currently, all Skokie trustees are elected at-large. Specifically, the referendum questions read as follows: 

  • Shall candidates for mayor, clerk and village trustee in Skokie be elected in nonpartisan primary and general elections beginning on April 1, 2025? 
  • Shall the village also adopt a system of staggered four-year terms and biennial elections for trustees, beginning in 2025? 
  • Shall the village of Skokie adopt a system of hybrid elections in which two of six village trustees are elected at-large, and four of the six are elected from districts, beginning in 2025? 

After the election, Village Manager’s Office staff contacted other communities that implemented similar actions and consulted with outside experts with experience in Illinois election law on best practices in executing these electoral changes. 

In February 2023, the Village issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for election legal services to assist with implementation of the binding referendums in compliance with state election law. 

View the RFQ for informational purposes; responses were due on February 24, 2023.

These changes are expected to be implemented by year-end 2023 to ensure that sufficient time is available for residents and candidates to understand the changes before the next Village Board election in April 2025.