Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses (home occupations), with the exception of childcare operations, are not required to obtain a Village license. There are restrictions on home occupation operations that are designed to ensure that the home occupation does not disturb the residential character of the neighborhood. The following are a few restrictions:
  • The occupation must be conducted solely by resident occupants within the house.
  • A garage cannot be used to conduct a home occupation or to store job related materials.
  • Vehicular traffic and parking cannot be increased by more than one additional vehicle at a time.


The complete set of regulations for Home Occupations is contained in Article III of Chapter 118-79, Zoning, of the Village Code page. A comprehensive brochure is also available from the Building and Zoning Division.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding Certificates of Occupancy, Business Licensing, or Home Occupations, contact the Property Standards Division at 847-933-8224.