Future Actions

This 2020 Plan for Sector A: Downtown sets land use and policy guidelines so that more specific actions and details may be developed. Those future actions include the following topics.


Current policies for on-street, off-street, private, and public parking will be reviewed and recommendations made for amendments to the Village Code. Locations for public parking lots and garages will be considered.

Traffic Study

A new traffic study will be performed that integrates the intersection and roadway improvements planned for the IS+TP with the future vehicular and pedestrian safety improvements needed to fully implementing this plan.

Open Space

Policies will be developed for allocation of future public and private open space, locations and distribution of public art, and incentives for environmentally friendly development practices.

Public Improvements

A public improvement plan will be developed that addresses:
  • District Identity Signage
  • New Downtown Gateway Elements
  • Regional Wayfinding Signage
  • Streetscape Improvements

Design requirements

Commercial design requirements will be developed and appear.