Skokie Swift / Yellow Line Extension


The CTA's Yellow Line is a significant asset for the Village. As indicated by the Transportation (PDF) section of the Comprehensive Plan, the Village is committed to expanding and improving the accessibility of the Yellow Line for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors through the addition of a new station facility downtown as well as an extension of the existing rail line to the Old Orchard area.

Old Orchard Rail Extension

The Chicago Transit Authority has signed a contract with Parsons Brinkerhoff to complete an alternatives analysis for the Old Orchard Road extension. The alternatives analysis is the first step for federal rail extension projects before engineering and construction work can begin.


The first public meeting was on August 26, 2008 at National-Louis University, and a second public meeting was on April 30, 2009 at Niles North High School. For updates and findings, visit the Chicago Transit Authority page.

Skokie Swift North Shore Corridor Travel Market Analysis

In 2007, the Village, the City of Evanston and the Regional Transportation Authority completed the Skokie Swift North Shore Corridor Travel Market Analysis (PDF). This report analyzed the ridership potential for an extension of the Skokie Swift to Old Orchard Road and adding another intermediate stop in Evanston. A 14-page Executive Summary (PDF) is also available.