Bicycle Plan

The Village of Skokie Planning and Engineering Divisions along with a consultant team lead by Schreiber/Anderson Associates and Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. completed the Village's first comprehensive bike plan in 2003. As awareness of alternative modes of transportation increases in the region, we continue to provide and maintain a safe network of bicycle routes, lanes and paths to connect parks, schools, employment, shopping centers, Downtown Skokie, recreational facilities, municipal facilities, transit, and other community destinations.

The Village of Skokie Bicycle Facilities Plan (PDF) is a great resource for finding bike routes, bike paths, and on-street bike lanes within the Village. There is also an interactive map of the Bicycle Facilities Plan below.  The plan also highlights proposed improvements, such as a forthcoming multi-use path or bike lane project. 

On Street Bike Lanes 

 On street bike lanes are a designated portion of the roadway that is identified by signage and pavement markings, which separate bicyclists from vehicular traffic. By the end of year 2024, Skokie will have three key east/west dedicated bike lanes. The east/west bike lanes include Howard Street, Main Street and Church Street. Future on street bike lanes include Gross Point Road between Old Orchard Road and Golf Road and Crawford Avenue between Golf Road and Oakton Street. 
Bike Parking

 A project to install additional bike parking at the Oakton-Skokie and Dempster-Skokie Swift stations is underway.   In addition, new developments throughout the Village include bike parking as a result of requirements in the Village Code.