Public Works

PurposeImage of Public Works Facility facade and driveway

The Public Works Department serves the residents of Skokie by utilizing the joint efforts of its divisions. Activities such as engineering, flood control, snow and ice control, leaf pick-up, street sweeping, solid waste and recycling management, sidewalk replacement, water and sewer maintenance, and tree maintenance are just a few examples of services the Public Works Department is proud to provide to residents on a regular basis.


The Public Works Department will continue to be proactive in providing services to the Village using the latest technology and in anticipating the needs of the future, assuring the people of the community a high quality of life.

The Skokie Public Works Department is the largest of the Village's departments. One or more of the Department's division activities touch the lives of Skokie citizens every day. The Skokie Public Works Department is comprised of a team of technical and administrative personnel dedicated to providing excellent service.


The American Public Works Association (APWA) has awarded full accreditation to the Skokie Public Works Department. This prestigious distinction was the result of many months of hard work and dedication from Village Public Works employees. The accreditation process included reviewing 446 practices and standards for compliance. All areas of the Public Works Department from refuse collection to water and sewer repair were closely examined.

The accreditation process is beneficial to the Village because it permits the department to examine all of its programs and procedures. This analysis results in improved external and internal communications, new administrative procedures and enhanced methods of providing services. While the examination processes are rigorous and time-consuming, the tremendous benefits of administrative and programming excellence are well worth the effort.

Skokie is one of only a few communities in the United States to have accredited Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments.