Construction Projects

2019 Village Construction Projects

2019 Village Construction Projects

Thank you in advance to Skokie residents for their patience with these important improvement projects.

Residential Street Resurfacing
Timetable: April-August
The Village will resurface over seven miles of residential streets at various locations throughout the Village.

CDBG High Priority Patching
Timetable: September
The Village will utilize Community Development Block Grant funds to perform full width patching of eligible streets.

Water Main Rehabilitation
Timetable:  April-July

The Village will replace water mains in several locations including Lincoln Avenue (Cleveland Avenue to Brown Street), Brown Street (Floral Avenue to Lincoln Avenue), Brummel Street (Frontage Road to Long Avenue), Lunt Avenue (Laramie Avenue to Lavergne Avenue), Keating Avenue (Oakton Street to Cleveland Avenue), Cleveland Avenue (Skokie Boulevard to Keating Avenue) and Keeney Avenue (Skokie Boulevard to Keating Avenue).

Alley Improvements
Timetable: April-August
Every year the Village takes previously oiled alleys and replaces them with pavement.

Sewer Improvements
Timetable: Spring-Summer
Sewer point repairs throughout the Village are included with the water project.  The Village also has an annual sewer cleaning program which improves sewer flow and identifies future needs.

Sidewalk Improvement Project
Timetable: Spring-Summer
This maintenance program replaces broken sections of sidewalk.  Concrete street patching and the replacement of broken curb are included with this project.  The main area of work will be between Church Street and Main Street.

Concrete Street Patching
Timetable: June-August
A new program will replace deteriorated pavement at various locations throughout the Village.

IDOT Resurfacing Projects
Timetable:  Summer

IDOT has three resurfacing projects scheduled for 2019.  These include Touhy Avenue (Lincoln Avenue to Lawndale Avenue), Dempster Street (West Village limits to Bronx Avenue), and Niles Center Road (Touhy Avenue to Church Street).

IDOT Intersection Improvements
Timetable:  Start in Fall

IDOT will be improving the intersections at Skokie Boulevard/Dempster Street, Niles Center Road/ Dempster Street, and Niles Center Road/ Skokie Boulevard.  Improvements will include right turn lanes, signal modernization and resurfacing.

NICOR Gas Main Replacement
Timetable:  Summer

NICOR is planning on construction of a transmission main generally on Keeney Street.  The restoration will include street resurfacing along the route.

NICOR Updates
Timetable:  Summer

NICOR is continuing to upgrade residential service lines throughout the Village.

Lincolnwood Transmission Main
Timetable:  Late Summer

The Village of Lincolnwood will be constructing a transmission water main along Oakton Street and Hamlin Avenue.

Morton Grove/ Niles Transmission Main
Timetable:  Spring

The completion of the street and parkway restoration along the water main route.

Traffic Signal Improvements
Timetable: Fall
The traffic signal at Main Street and Niles Center Road will be modernized.  This work also includes improvements for the adjacent bike trail.

Sewer Improvements
Timetable: Various
Sewer lining repairs throughout the Village. 

2018 Completed Construction Projects:

Residential Street Resurfacing
Resurfacing of over seven miles of residential streets within the Village was completed.

Water Main Improvements
Water mains in two areas were replaced this year.  The first area was Sherwin Avenue between Niles Center Road and Frontage Road.  The second area included water mains on Kedvale Avenue, Karlov Avenue and Keystone Avenue all between Emerson Street and Golf Road.  Several valves and sewer repairs were included with this project.

Sewer Rehabilitation
Sewer lining repairs and sewer point repairs were completed throughout the Village.   The Village also has an annual sewer cleaning program which improves sewer flow and identifies future needs.

Green Infrastructure
The Village constructed rain gardens at Devonshire Park and the Police Station.

High-Priority Patching Program
This project included full width patching throughout the Village.

Installation of new residential gas mains and services in the areas bounded by Main Street, Dempster Street, Keeler Avenue and Crawford Avenue as well as Lincoln Avenue, Howard Street and Niles Center Road. 

IDOT Street Resurfacing
IDOT had two projects in 2018.  These included Howard Street (Lehigh Avenue to New Gross Point Road) and Touhy Avenue (Village Crossing entrance to Skokie Boulevard).