The Civil Engineering Division is responsible for designing, supervising, and monitoring the construction of municipal infrastructure projects such as street paving, street resurfacing, alley grading, water main replacement, bike path construction, landscaping, and parking lot construction. The Civil Engineering Division investigates and implements the elements of the Storm Water Runoff Control Program, including coordination, plan review, project management, and construction supervision.


From time to time the Village is asked to help with rear yard drainage issues. The Village offers a complimentary program to help residents alleviate these problems. The engineering staff will survey the subject area and identify solutions to help reduce ponding in the rear yard. Solutions may include an installation of a catch basin in the rear yard, re-grading the yard or a shifting of downspouts. The Village identifies the solution at no cost, but does not contribute financially to the implementation. Access the Residential Yard Drainage Assistance Program (PDF) form.

In addition, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago has prepared a Green Neighbor Guide (PDF) which has information on how to reduce backyard flooding issues with rain gardens, dry wells, permeable patios and rain barrels. 

Engineering Residential Plan Submittal Requirements

All civil engineering residential plans submitted for permit application review must be properly bound and include all pertinent information found in the Engineering Residential Requirements (PDF) form.

Benchmarks in Skokie

A benchmark provides precise information, including the height and location of a certain geographic point, for the use in surveying. Skokie provides over 100 benchmarks, most of which are classified as having second order accuracy. View the benchmark interactive map.