Sidewalks & Curbs

Cost Share 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program

Each year, the Village identifies sidewalks that present safety concerns and must be replaced. If the sidewalk adjacent to your residence is upheaved, recessed or severely cracked, you must participate in a mandatory cost share sidewalk replacement program. The Village will pay approximately half of the cost of the sidewalk replacement and will coordinate with a sidewalk contractor to perform the work. In addition to this mandatory program, residents desiring replacement of public sidewalk in similar condition, not identified by the mandatory program, may participate in a voluntary cost share replacement program.  This program is only available for the public sidewalk.  Homeowners are responsible for both the service and carriage walks (shown on this diagram).

Curb & Gutter Replacement

The Village annually budgets approximately $50,000 for curb and gutter not being repaired under other Village programs. This includes curb that is removed by the Water and Sewer Division for repairing catch basins and inlets, curb that is damaged by snow plows, and curb that is missing, severely cracked or spalled.

This is a village wide program. No specific area or block is targeted. Residents are encouraged to request this work. Requests are reviewed by Engineering staff. Curbs adjacent to driveways are not repaired under this program and are the responsibility of the owner as part of their driveway permit.