Recycling Collection

COVID-19 Update:  If you or someone in your household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please bag all recyclables and place them in your trash/refuse cart.  You may resume normal recycling when no one in your home exhibits any symptoms.

Disposable gloves, masks, and medical tubing cannot be placed in your recycling cart.  These items MUST be bagged and tied and thrown in the trash.

The textile recycling program resumes June 8th!  Please put your orange bags out on the same day as your normal recycling pick up.

Skokie residents have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the environment through the Village’s comprehensive weekly recycling program. Residents are provided with 65 gallon carts for recyclable materials.

View or download information about the Village’s numerous residential recycling initiatives.


Collection of recyclable materials occurs every week in single-family residential areas. The total weight of the filled cart should not exceed 150 pounds. Please flatten large boxes and place them next to the cart.  Please do not mix garbage or landscape waste in the recycling cart. In curbside collection areas, set out recycling containers by 7 a.m. on the day of pickup, but not before 6 p.m. the night before collection.

*Please do not mix garbage or landscape waste in the recycling cart.

How To Recycle

Newspaper, Magazines, Flyers, Junk Mail, Office Paper Etc.
Place directly in your cart.

Cardboard & Boxes
Boxes should be flattened. Soiled cardboard is not recyclable. Collection cardboard should be broken down, bundled with twine or string and placed alongside the cart.

Mixed Paper Materials
Flatten chipboard boxes and remove liners. Rinse out and crush beverage cartons. Pet food bags, or any bags with a moisture liner, are not recyclable. Soiled fiber material such as used tissue paper, paper towels or paper plates are not recyclable.

Mixed Non-Fiber, Such as Aluminum Cans; Steel Paint and Aerosol Cans; Clear Brown or Green Glass Containers; Plastic Containers Marked 1 - 5 & 7   

Thoroughly rinse out containers and crush them if possible. Remove all caps and lids from containers and cans, and discard. Place mixed non-paper materials in the recycling cart. Steel paint cans must be dried out. All aerosol cans must be empty before being placed in the recycling cart.

Hazardous Waste Disposal or Any Materials Not Collected

For more information see our Household Hazardous Waste Page or Contact the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (SWANCC).

Lakeshore Recycling

Recycling collection is provided by Lakeshore Recycling Systems, who has been contracted by the Village. For information on Lakeshore’s recycling collection, visit their website, or call at 773/685-8811.

Helpful Recycling Information

Skokie Textile Recycling Program

An estimated 85 percent of textiles end up in landfills, despite charitable collection centers and pick up services. To help reduced this the Village of Skokie has partnered with Simple Recycling. 

The Simple Recycling program works like this: Place textiles in the Simple Recycling plastic bag next to your recycling cart on recycling collection day and Simple Recycling collects the bags in a specially marked van.  Simple Recycling collection crews need to see your orange bag in order to collect it properly and to provide you with a replacement bag.

You will receive a replacement bag after your textiles are collected. To order extra bags, click here or call 866/835- 5068.

Any textiles in any condition are accepted. Here is a list of items to recycle: • Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing • Boots, shoes, sandals, socks, undergarments • Belts, ties, handbags, purses • Coats, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves • Sheets, pillow cases, pillows, blankets, comforters • Table linens, towels • Stuffed animals

Simple Recycling is a private company and cannot give a receipt for a tax deduction. Residents who would like a tax donation receipt or otherwise wish to contribute unwanted textiles, apparel items and household goods to a charity are encouraged to go to one of two charity centers in Skokie: 

Goodwill Store and Donation Center
5518 West Touhy Avenue

Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center
4335 Oakton Street

Simple Recycling sends collected material to a thrift store facility in Chicago, where roughly 30 percent of the material goes to local thrift stores, another 30 percent is appropriate for overseas markets and the remainder is processed into fiber or repurposed as industrial rags.

For more information on the Simple Recycling service, please contact the Public Works Department at 847/933-8427.