Snow & Ice Control

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The Snow and Ice Control Division has the task of keeping vehicular traffic moving on Skokie streets during inclement winter weather. Depending on the severity of the storm, Skokie residents are provided with a quick and efficient removal of snow from Village owned or maintained streets, sidewalks, and alleys, which help make winters in Skokie safe for residents, drivers, and pedestrians.

The Snow and Ice Control Division of the Public Works Department oversees plowing operations during snow storms and ensures that winters in Skokie are safe for residents, drivers and pedestrians. It takes approximately one day to clear Skokie's approximately 170 lane miles of roadway and 12 to 16 more hours to clear Skokie's 70 lane miles of alleys. Heavy snowfalls usually take longer. Your patience is appreciated! Please keep in mind that Cook County and State of Illinois own many of the Village's major roadways and are therefore responsible for plowing and salting them.

Weather Preparation

The Village maintains a weather radar system and consults with variety of professional weather services to track the anticipated arrival and movement of snow or freezing rain. When such weather nears Skokie, the Village dispatches some or all of their plows/salt spreaders to the main arterial roads, then proceeding to residential streets. There are several streets in Skokie that are under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation or Cook County Highway for maintenance, including snow plowing and salting. If you have questions regarding your street or need contact information, please contact Public Works.

Major Snowstorms

For major snowstorms, the Village has the capacity to equip garbage trucks with plows to supplement the fleet. If the garbage trucks are needed for plowing operations, refuse collection services may be suspended. The Refuse Collection personnel are also utilized with special use vehicles for the task of sidewalk snow removal. This task generally occurs when a four inches or greater snowfall is reached, and usually takes two to three days to complete.

Whenever a six inches or greater of snow falls in Skokie, alleys will be plowed. This operation is usually predicated upon that all other operational aspects of snow removal have been completed and personnel and equipment are available.


The secondary process to an effective snow and ice removal program is the deicing process. The Village uses ordinary rock salt, supplemented at times with calcium chloride, for de-icing operations.

Alternate Side Parking Program

The Village's Alternate Side Parking Program is in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week, after two inches or more of snow accumulates on the pavement. The snow removal program is a minimum two day operation. On even-numbered days of the month, all vehicles must be moved to the side of the street with even-numbered addresses. On odd-numbered days of the month all vehicles must be moved to the side of the street with odd numbered addresses.

To confirm that alternate-side parking is in effect and for program updates residents may call the automated snow hotline at 847-675-SNOW (7669), tune to 1660 AM Skokie Radio, view SkokieVision cable (channel 25 on RCN and channel 17 on Comcast systems). Sign up for SkokieNews, the electronic newsletter, by clicking here, and CodeRed for text message alerts.