Communicating During an Emergency

Communication Network

During emergencies the importance of communications systems becomes clear. The Village has an extensive network of communication systems to employ during an emergency. Depending on the emergency some of the communication systems may temporarily be unavailable.

To see a full list of emergency communication sources in the Village of Skokie, please refer to the Keeping Informed During Emergencies (PDF).


  • Skokie Website: During a municipal emergency, residents are encouraged to visit the Skokie website. The site is frequently updated and serves as a valuable reference guide during municipal emergencies.
  • Smart911 Emergency Notification System: Alerts powered by Smart911 is the official emergency notification system used by the Village of Skokie to communicate by phone with Skokie residents and businesses during emergencies. Residents can op in to register their mobile device and email address to receive text and email alerts. 
  • 1660 AM Skokie: Tune to the Village of Skokie's municipal advisory radio station for up-to-the-minute reports, alerts and relevant instructions. In non-emergency situations, the station will broadcast emergency preparedness and Village of Skokie information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • SkokieNews: Subscribers to this electronic newsletter will receive updated during an emergency. Subscribe here.
  • SkokieVision Cable: The municipal cable station provides both video and text information relating to the emergency and, when necessary, instructions on where to obtain further information.
  • Emergency Override: During a municipal emergency the Police Department can override programming on Comcast cable channels and place a written crawl on all RCN channels. The override is used to distribute a brief message during an emergency. It is typically used to signal the start and conclusion of alternate-side parking during snow emergencies.
  • Outdoor Warning System: Warning systems are strategically placed throughout the community. The warning sirens are used most commonly to signal the start of the snow emergency alternate-side parking program but can be used to alert the residents of a tornado or other emergency situation. After a warning siren sounds please visit the Skokie website or tune into SkokieVision cable for details on the emergency. For more information on sirens, please see below.
  • Radio, Broadcast and Print Releases: During an emergency the Village keeps radio, broadcast and print media regularly informed through press releases. The releases are also available at the Skokie website.