Financial Assistance for Roadway Abutment

Significant Roadways

In recognition of the uniquely higher costs borne by homeowners who live along significant state, county or Village roadways with deeper sewers, a sewer assistance program is in place to help homeowners who meet each of the following criteria:
  1. The property's sewer service is connected to a main that is in the right of way of a Regional Arterial, Village Arterial, or Collector street, as depicted in the graph at right, and whose width is 42 feet or greater; and
  2. The sewer failure has created an apparent and hazardous condition in the public way; and
  3. The invert depth of the main sewer adjacent to the point of connection with the lateral equals or exceeds 12 feet in depth; and
  4. The proposed cost to effectuate the repair exceeds $7,500, which represents the typical cost of a sewer repair in Skokie for any property owner; and
  5. The property dwelling is a single family home.
If a homeowner meets each of these criteria, the homeowner would then be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Village to offset the portion of the repair cost which exceeds $7,500.
Image of cartoon elevation map, depicting where a homeowner's responsibility for a sewer is and w