Tornado Information

Tornado Watch or Warning?


A watch is whenever there is a potential for severe storms or tornadoes in your immediate area.


A warning indicates the presence of a tornado or a severe storm. Once a warning is issued, immediately seek shelter. A warning is usually indicated to the local community by the constant sounding of the warning sirens. These sirens are tested on the first Tuesday morning of every month at 10 a.m. Become familiar with the sounds.

Tornado Myths & Facts

  • Myth: Open the windows before seeking shelter.
    • Fact: While once thought to be correct, opening the windows has no benefit because it is sheer wind power which destroys buildings.
  • Myth: High-rise buildings disrupt tornadoes.
    • Fact: Tornadoes can reach heights of 40,000 feet. High-rise buildings have no impact on storms this large.
  • Myth: The southwest corner of the basement is the safest place to be.
    • Fact: The safest place to be is in the center of the basement under a strong table or other heavy furniture. Debris has been found to collect in the corners of basements.
  • Myth: Radar can pinpoint the exact location of a tornado.
    • Fact: While Doppler radar has increased the accuracy of predictions, the weather service is still only able to predict the general areas that may get tornadoes or severe storms.
  • Myth: A car can outrun a tornado and is a safe place to be.
    • Fact: A tornado's speed and direction can change suddenly and quickly. You should seek shelter in a building or in a low area of the ground.