Human Relations Commission


The Village of Skokie Human Relations Commission was created to promote unity and to encourage residents to work in integrated ways to strengthen the community. The purpose of the commission is to encourage understanding and respect between residents of various racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds; to safeguard the rights of all citizens as defined by our ordinances, statutes and the constitution and to promote the amicable settlement of disputes between neighbors. Commissioners serve for three years.


  • Fourth Monday of every month except July and August
  • 6:30 p.m. at Skokie Police Station (temporary location due to COVID-19)


  • Maria E. Monastero-Bueno, Chair
  • Deborah W. Arnold
  • Daphnee Camilien
  • Alexander Chaparro
  • Sheila Crumrine
  • Michael Delanois 
  • David Donegan
  • Jaili Fajardo 
  • Krishna Goyal
  • Anwar Haq
  • Jonathan Lavan
  • Marcos Levy
  • Jim McVane
  • Swarupa Pahan
  • Michelle Reitman
  • Pearl W. Rubenzik
  • Rabbi Ralph Ruebner
  • Jeremy Segall
  • Karen Lise Sherman
  • James Specker
  • Unia Wilson
  • Victoria Yan
  • Maureen Yanes


  • Khem Khoeun, Trustee Liaison
  • Iris Barrios, Staff Liaison
The Human Relations Commission is made up of 25 members with each of them serving for three years.