Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission


  • Fourth Tuesday of every month
  • 7 p.m.


  • Jennifer Grossman, Chair
  • Christopher Buccola
  • Andrew D. DeCanniere
  • Michael Gershbein 
  • Lisa Gotkin
  • Vijai Gupta
  • Richa Shah
  • Olivia Mahoney
  • Jim McNelis
  • Rick Moskovitz 
  • Robert Render
  • Charles Saxe
  • Randall Roberts, Trustee Liaison
  • Max Slankard, Staff Liaison 
The Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission has up to 12 members, each serving a three-year term. 


The mission of the Skokie Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission is to be a resource for the Mayor and Board of Trustees, informing them how their actions and policies may impact the Village of Skokie on an Environmental basis.

Sustainability Plan

View or download the Environmental Sustainability Plan (PDF).

Plastic Bag Challenge

On Earth Day, April 22, 2019, the Village kicked off a 100-day campaign to promote the reduction of plastic bags in our day-to-day lives.  This initiative is a component of the Sustainability Plan developed by the Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission (SEAC).

Current statistics estimate that some five trillion plastic bags will be used this year or 160,000 per second!  The percentage of plastic bags actually returned for recycling is very low, at just over two percent.  Through July 31, members of the SEAC will be found outside various Skokie grocery, convenience and retail stores handing out reusable bags.  The action of Skokie residents can make a difference in this global environmental issue. 

Please rise to the challenge and bring reusable bags wherever you shop!