Certified Owner Program


The Village offers a voluntary Certified Owner Program.  This program allows an owner/landlord to advertise as a Certified Owner provided that:

  1. The property has been inspected by the Building, Zoning & Property Standards Division and is in substantial compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances and regulations.
  2. All units are inspected for working smoke and CO detectors, and GFI outlets where required.
  3. Successful completion of the Village Residential Rental Property Landlord Seminar.
  4. The owner agrees to a security audit of the building and property by the Neighborhood Standards Officer and is in substantial compliance with the most recent audit.
  5. The owner has contact information posted on the building as required by the ordinance.

Applications for the Certified Owner Program can be obtained by contacting Officer Joseph Marzigliano at the Skokie Police Department.