Listed below are Village of Skokie contracts over $25,000 in value. For more information on contracts and doing business with Skokie, please visit our Finance Department page.

2022 Vendor Ownership Report

2017 - 2018 Contracts

  1. 2016 Crack Sealing Services (PDF)
  2. 2016 New Sidewalk Program (PDF)
  3. 2016 Non-Arterial Street Resurfacing Program (PDF)
  4. 2016 Non-Arterial Street Resurfacing Program 1 (PDF)
  5. 2016 Sewer Cleaning Televising Program (PDF)
  6. 2016 Sewer Lining Program (PDF)
  7. 2016 Sidewalk Plow Bid Award (PDF)
  8. 2016 Street Lighting Improvements (PDF)
  9. 2016 Water Main Improvement Project (PDF)
  10. 2017 Fire Department Administrative Vehicle (PDF)
  11. 2017 Police Patrol and Administrative Vehicles (PDF)
  12. 2017 Street and Alley Division Dump Truck (PDF)
  13. 2017 Water Division Dump Truck Replacement (PDF)
  14. 5-inch Sidewalk Curb and Gutter PCC Patching (PDF)
  15. Annual Maintenance Contract for Cisco Network Infrastructure (PDF)
  16. Case Management Adjudication Software Purchase (PDF)
  17. ECG Monitor Defibrillator Pacer (PDF)
  18. Emergency Sewer Repair (PDF)
  19. Fire Hydrants Replacement (PDF)
  20. Health Department Vehicle (PDF)
  21. Hewlett Packard Server Maintenance (PDF)
  22. High Priority Street Patching Program (PDF)
  23. New Furniture for Village Hall FY 16 (PDF)
  24. Open Text Document Management System Annual Maintenance Contract (PDF)
  25. Proprietary Purchase of Fire Safety Gear (PDF)
  26. Public Works Building Roof Rehabilitation (PDF)
  27. Public Works Pick-up Truck (PDF)
  28. Purchase of Enterprise Resource Planning Software FY16 (PDF)
  29. Purchase of Two 2 Compact Cars (PDF)
  30. Refuse Packer Truck Purchase (PDF)
  31. Rock Salt (PDF)
  32. Single Family Recycling Collection to Lakeshore Recycling Systems FY16 (PDF)
  33. Street Sweeper (PDF)
  34. SunGard Public Sector Software Maintenance (PDF)
  35. Tree Trimming Services (PDF)