Shelter Information

It is possible that in the event of a disaster or other emergency event, citizens could be displaced from their homes. Personnel from the Village of Skokie will handle the initial response to any disaster or emergency events within the geographical limits of the Village of Skokie. 

Disaster relief centers will be opened as close as possible to the affected area, but safely away from hazards that may exist from the disaster. In the event that the disaster affects multiple jurisdictions, a regional center will be activated. Affected residents will be directed to the center(s) by emergency response personnel or via information released to the media.

Find Your Nearest Shelter

Listen to your local news station for information on the location of the shelter(s). Or, you can call the Village of Skokie at (847) 673-0500 or the Health & Human Services Department at (847) 933-8208.

If you know of someone, a friend, relative or neighbor, who is home bound and requires special assistance, please call the Village of Skokie so that we may arrange for help.

Skokie Mass Care Shelter

In the event of a large-scale emergency, the Village of Skokie would strive to provide mass care, which encompasses the following.


The provision of emergency shelter for displaced victims includes the use of pre-identified shelter sites in existing structures, creation of temporary facilities such as tent cities, or the temporary construction of shelters; and use of similar facilities outside the disaster-affected area, should evacuation become necessary.


The provision for feeding disaster victims and emergency workers through a combination of fixed sites, mobile feeding units, and bulk food distribution.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid services will be provided to disaster victims and workers at mass care facilities and at designated sites within the affected area. This emergency first aid service will be supplemental to emergency health and medical services established to meet the needs of disaster victims.

Disaster Welfare Information

Disaster welfare information regarding individuals residing within the affected area will be collected and provided to immediate family members outside the affected area. Disaster welfare information will also be provided to aid in reunification of family members within the affected area who were separated at the time of the disaster.

Bulk Distribution of Emergency Relief Items

Sites will be established within the affected area for distribution of emergency relief items. The bulk distribution of these relief items will be determined by the requirement to meet urgent needs of disaster victims for essential items.