Why Choose Skokie?

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Through thoughtful planning, overall spirit of cooperation, and a steadfast vision for growth, Skokie has grown into a thriving center of commerce, with many vibrant retail centers, commercial districts, employment centers, a strong and diverse industrial base, and extensive professional services. Businesses in Skokie appreciate their strategic location here for many good reasons.

Skokie geographically sits in a prime location connected by major highways and public transportation to Chicago and O'Hare Airport, conveniently accessible to suppliers, customers, and labor markets.


Accessibility is a key advantage. Spanning Skokie's western edge is the Edens Expressway (Interstate 94), providing easy entry into the community and connections with highways. Skokie is just nine miles from O'Hare Airport and fifteen miles from downtown Chicago.

Public Transportation

Commuters preferring public transportation need only walk a few blocks to access fourteen Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and PACE suburban bus lines. Each weekday, the CTA estimates the Skokie Swift rail line carries 4,000 riders, connecting the Village with downtown Chicago. The Village offers two CTA stations at Dempster Street and the newly-constructed Oakton Street Station.

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