Compost Options In Skokie

Why Compost?

When organic materials decompose in landfills, it creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is 28 to 36 times more potent than carbon dioxide.  Composting is easy and it is something that homeowners and businesses can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming.

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There are Three Easy Compost Options In Skokie

1. FREE Food Scrap Compost Drop-Off Sites! - Bring all food scraps including meat and dairy to any of the locations listed on the map. Locations are available all days of the week and open all hours of the day. This program would not be possible without the support of the Skokie Park District and Niles Township Government, who are providing space for many of the compost drop off sites. View an updated list of items accepted for composting.  Loose food scraps are preferred - pickup a free transport bucket at Skokie Public Works.  Paper bags and CMA-W approved liners are also allowed.  NEVER place regular plastic bags in the bins.


  1. Central Park - 9350 Central Park Avenue (on Central Park Avenue side, near north end of park)
  2. Weber Leisure Center - 9300 Weber Park Pl
  3. Skokie Public Works - 9050 Gross Point Road near main entrance
  4. Devonshire Park - Grove Street Parking lot near basketball courts
  5. Niles Township Government Building - 5255 Lincoln Avenue
  6. Village Hall - 5127 Oakton Street near main entrance
  7. Oakton Park - south parking lot off Kenton Avenue near tennis courts
  8. Hamlin Park - 7651 Hamlin Ave (back of parking lot)
  9. Fire Station 16 - 7424 Niles Center Road, parking lot off Fargo Avenue 

2.  Subscription Curbside Compost Program - The Village has a franchise agreement with Collective Resource Compost for the popular "orange bucket" program - weekly or bi-weekly curbside service in which a full bucket is swapped out for a clean one. To learn more about acceptable items, fees, and to sign-up, visit The Village is sponsoring a 15% discount on new residential, annual subscriptions.

Orange bucket compost

3. Backyard Compost Bin Rebate - Get a $25 rebate from the Village after you buy an approved, above-ground compost bin. Compost yard waste, fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds. Meat, dairy, bones, and grease are not allowed in backyard bins.

backyard compost bin

Helpful Composting Hints

  • Keep a sealed container or "caddy" on your counter, under your kitchen sink, or in your fridge or freezer for food scraps.
  • When full, empty that container into a five-gallon covered bucket until full for transport to the drop-off site.
  • Loose food scraps or paper bag liners are preferred