How should materials be prepared for collection?

General household refuse must be drained of surplus liquids, bagged and securely tied. Yard Waste must be contained in paper yard waste bags. Small and large brush must bagged or bundled. Each branch cannot exceed three inches in diameter and cannot extend longer than five feet in length. Yard waste bags may not exceed 40 pounds per bag. Construction waste, except for small do-it-yourself jobs, is not collected. Any waste from small, do-it-yourself jobs must be placed in boxes or waterproof bags, no heavier than 40 pounds. Household hazardous waste can be collected in small amounts if it is contained in sealed containers. Paint is collected as long as it is dried prior to collection. Needles are also collected, but must be placed in a sharps container. The Village does not collect motor oil and lead batteries. Recycling materials must be placed in the recycling cart for collection. All cans, cartons and jars must be rinsed prior to disposal. Motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and charcoal lighter fluid containers are not accepted.

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