Is my landscaper allowed to start working?

Governor Pritzker’s Executive Stay-At-Home Order allows for contractors and landscapers to operate, as these services are considered essential.

The Village of Skokie has received numerous inquiries about whether landscaping crews are allowed to work during the state-wide stay-at-home order along with complaints about both landscaping and construction work crews not following COVID-19 prevention practices on job sites.

The State of Illinois is stressing how essential it is to practice safe social distancing when on the job or otherwise not at home. These practices are vital for the State of Illinois and every community, including to Skokie, to discourage the spread of COVID-19 and to ultimately prevent the healthcare system from being overrun with needs. The Village of Skokie has issued the Chicagoland Associated General Contractors COVID-19 Recommendations for Job Sites to Skokie-area contractors and landscapers, imploring them to follow the guidelines to stay safe and keep the community safe. The recommendations were initially developed by the Centers for Disease Control, and are now being distributed nationwide.

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