What can I do to help my neighbors and the community?

Take preventive measures
In addition to practicing good hygiene, if a person is exposed to someone who develops the virus, they should take proactive measures to quarantine (self-isolate) themselves from others for 14 days.

Join the Medical Reserve Corps
You can also help protect the health and well-being of our community by joining the Skokie Medical Reserve Corps. The Corps is a volunteer group of medical and non-medical professionals who assist the Health Department. If you’re interested in joining, email Claudia Braden, RN, at the Skokie Health Department.

Donate Blood
Organizations like Red Cross and Vitalant are in urgent need of blood donations.

Reach out, be a helper
Governor Pritzker has stated, “All of us have a part to play. Be a helper.” A wonderful way to feel better is to help someone else feel better, or safer or calmer. Look for ways to help others, exchange phone numbers with your neighbors, and agree to check in with each other, help each other with shopping or food delivery. Consider safe ways to help through your neighborhood connections like Facebook and NextDoor. Technology and our fast society have isolated us from our neighbors, but technology also offers safe ways to stay connected. Now is the time to support each other in safe and healthy ways.

See March 20, 2020 ABC7 Chicago story, "A Skokie Neighborhood is Staying Connected with Window Art Activity."

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