Why is the Village switching to once-weekly refuse collection?

Optimizing refuse service provides multiple benefits that support the Village of Skokie’s Environmental Sustainability Plan. After a study conducted by Village staff showed that a majority of residents did not need a second pickup, the Sustainability Environmental Advisory Commission held public listening sessions in November 2021 and then recommended the change. After two public meetings and soliciting input from residents, the Village Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve this plan in November 2022.

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1. What is once-weekly refuse collection?
2. When will the switch to once-weekly refuse pickup occur?
3. What day will be my refuse collection?
4. Does once-weekly refuse collection apply to commercial customers?
5. Why is the Village switching to once-weekly refuse collection?
6. What are the benefits of transitioning to once-weekly refuse collection?
7. Why should I recycle when only a small amount is recycled when it gets to the sorting plant?
8. Will this increase environmental health concerns such as unpleasant odors and pest nuisances?
9. What if I have more trash than fits in the toter?
10. Can I request a second toter?
11. How can I reduce the amount of refuse from my household?
12. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
13. Will the Village’s quarterly refuse fee change with the onset of once-weekly refuse collection?