Will this increase environmental health concerns such as unpleasant odors and pest nuisances?

The Village of Skokie has a robust rodent management program that includes resident and business education, property inspections and treatment when rat activity is observed. In addition, the Village offers both compost pickup by paid subscription and free compost drop-off sites throughout the community. Removing compostable materials from the refuse toter and placing them in a sealed five-gallon bucket reduces odor and makes the trash less attractive to rodents and other pests. 

To further minimize the potential for odors and pests, residents should:

  • Place trash in sealed bags prior to place into refuse toter.
  • Keep the refuse toter lid closed
  • Place the refuse toter in a shaded area during warmer months
  • Double-bag diapers, pet waste or other items with strong odors prior to placing them in the refuse toter
  • Practice good “toter hygiene” by rinsing out your toter as soon as possible if a bag rips or leaks
  • If you notice holes in your toter or damage to your toter lid, residents can request a new toter online by selecting “Request a new Recycling/Refuse Cart or Lid” or by calling Public Works at 847-933-8427.  

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