Will Village services change as a result of creating four districts?

No. Village budget dollars or Village services will not be distributed or organized based on districts. Although districts are intended to give specific individuals and geographic areas a distinct voice, district trustees will continue to serve with the fundamental and overarching goal of the unified and harmonious operation and progression of the Village as a whole. 

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1. What is the Skokie Village Board’s role in implementing the referendum?
2. Will information on electoral referendums implementation be available in multiple languages?
3. How will the terms be staggered?
4. Which elected official (i.e. Mayor, Clerk, at-large Trustees or district Trustees) will serve the two-year terms?
5. Were the addresses of the current trustees considered during the mapping process?
6. Are you meeting with the current Village Board, the Skokie Caucus Party, or any other community group regarding the implementation of these referendums?
7. Will the boundaries of my district be the same as my current precinct?
8. Was income considered when developing the proposed districts?
9. Will Village services change as a result of creating four districts?
10. Will the Village budget increase because of the new election format and the need for additional elections?
11. Why are there four districts versus five that are recommended in State election law for municipalities Skokie’s size?
12. Who is a part of the Referendum Implementation Team?
13. I had trouble hearing portions of the August 14 meeting broadcast – can you improve the audio quality for the next public meeting on September 11?
14. Will assisted hearing devices be available at the September 11 public meeting?