My landlord is not responding to my requests, can you help me?

The Village does not have a local ordinance on landlord-tenant relations. The attorneys working for the Village's Corporation Counsel's Office cannot advise you on personal matters.

For additional information, you may wish to research these State statutes:

765 ILCS 705/ Landlord and Tenant Act.

765 ILCS 710/ Security Deposit Return Act.

765 ILCS 715/ Security Deposit Interest Act.

765 ILCS 720/ Retaliatory Eviction Act.

765 ILCS 725/ Property Taxes of Alien Landlords Act.

765 ILCS 730/ Rent Concession Act.

765 ILCS 735/ Rental Property Utility Service Act.

765 ILCS 740/ Tenant Utility Payment Disclosure Act.

765 ILCS 745/ Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act.

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