How can I participate in the Skokie Spirit Shines Through campaign?

Hope - and Skokie’s strong community spirit - are stronger than fear! Please share your hope and community spirit by sending a poster, picture, or brief info on how you and your neighbors are staying connected to for publishing consideration. Early next week, we will launch a new Skokie Spirit Shines Through! section on the Village website, and will include some stories and photos in the next edition of NewSkokie. Thank you!

Please be a good neighbor during these difficult times. Governor Pritzker has stated, "All of us have a part to play. Be a helper." A wonderful way to feel better is to help someone else feel better, or safer or calmer. Look for ways to help others, exchange phone numbers with your neighbors, and agree to check in with each other, help each other with shopping or food delivery. Consider safe ways to help through your neighborhood connections like Facebook and Nextdoor. Technology and our fast society have isolated us from our neighbors, but technology also offers safe ways to stay connected. Now is the time to support each other in safe and healthy ways.

Skokie Spirit Chalk Drawing 1 March 26 (JPG)

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1. How have Village services been impacted?
2. How can I help protect first responders from getting COVID-19 if I have to call 9-1-1?
3. Why was the ambulance crew wearing special gear when treating my neighbor?
4. Is there a shortage of COVID-19 test kits?
5. Can I donate personal protective equipment, like face masks?
6. How can I participate in the Skokie Spirit Shines Through campaign?
7. What can I do to help my neighbors and the community?
8. How can I support small businesses in Skokie during this crisis?
9. Is there a list of Skokie restaurants and businesses that are open and offering carry-out, delivery or curbside service?
10. Do any businesses offer special shopping hours for seniors?
11. Is it true that Skokie parks are closed?
12. What does social distancing mean?
13. Are Village meetings and events canceled?
14. The Village of Skokie has declared a State of Emergency. What does this mean?
15. Is the water quality safe?
16. I heard that mixing a few household cleaners is good to disinfect against COVID-19. Is this true?
17. Where can I turn for financial assistance?
18. Is food available to those in need during this crisis?
19. Can my landlord show my apartment unit during the stay-at-home order?
20. Where can I report price gouging?
21. How can I stay connected to the Skokie Public Library?
22. Is my landscaper allowed to start working?
23. Is there special information for childcare centers, including home daycare operations?
24. Is there special information for dentists, orthodontists and other oral care professionals?
25. How can I stay informed?