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Alley Light Program Application

  1. Alley Light Program Application
    The Village of Skokie provides a comprehensive and effective street lighting program for all Village-owned residential, arterial, and collector streets within the Village boundaries. Often, though, residents and business owners are interested in additional lighting in the alley areas behind their property. To provide an option for alley lighting, the Village manages a cooperative Alley Lighting program through which lights can be placed in alleys at a low cost to the property owner. For an annual charge of $95 paid directly to the Village, the Village of Skokie will arrange to install, maintain, and provide electricity for a street lamp in the alley behind a resident's home or business establishment. Groups of property owners can get together to request an alley light and the Village is able to divide the cost of it for all property owners involved. Once the Village is contacted requesting the placement of an alley light, Commonwealth Edison will survey the site to determine if a light can be placed on the existing power pole. All lights must be placed on existing poles or structures. Once your application is received by the Village of Skokie, an email/phone call will be sent to the resident or business owner who completed the form. The Village of Skokie will then send this information to ComEd and the Engineering Department will update the applicant once ComEd has scheduled the light to be installed.* If the annual fee for the light is not paid in the future, the light may be turned off and eventually removed. If there are any questions, please call the Engineering Department at 847-933-8231.
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  3. *There can be a substantial waiting period from when ComEd receives the application to when the light is installed. We appreciate your patience with this process.
  4. To request placement of an alley light near your residence or business establishment, please fill out the below application.
  5. Are you requesting on behalf on of a group of property owners?
  6. Please upload the name, address and signature of each adjacent property and/or business owner and indicate if they are "for" or "against" the light. (One signature per adjacent property- typically five)
  7. If the annual fee is to be shared by multiple property owners, complete the below information for each property owner that will be paying a portion. The annual fee will be split evenly among the property owners listed below via separate invoicing.
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