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Application for Public Way Obstruction or Use

  1. Application for Public Way Obstruction or Use
    PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION  Application of this permit does not include application for any building, plumbing, electric or heating work. Individual permits shall be applied for, approved and issued by the Building Division before work can begin.  The Developer/Property Owner shall complete and agree to all terms of this “Agreement for Use of Public Way” as a condition of obtaining a public way obstruction or use permit. The signature on this application shall be an acknowledgement of the Developer/Owner’s acceptance of all terms of the agreement.  Before a Street Obstruction or Use permit is issued, a Certificate of Insurance shall be submitted and approved by The Village of Skokie as required by agreement for use of the public way. Closures of public ways shall be according to current MUTCD standards.  Please see page 2 for complete schedule of fees.  For aerial encroachments / UAV use a onetime ROW permit fee of $550 per project area to be assessed.
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  5. The Applicant agrees that all work accomplished, will conform to pertinent ordinances of The Village of Skokie and inspections will be requested in accordance with the procedures of the Department of Community Development and the Public Works Divisions. The Applicant having read this application understands the intent and declares that all statements herein are true. Falsification of any of the above information will result in a violation leading to fines and penalties as described by law.
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