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Block Party Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Amplifier Use Application
  3. 3. Application for the Block Party of the Year Award
  • Step One

    1. Village of Skokie Block Party Application (Street Closing)
      Thank you for your interest in holding a block party in the Village of Skokie.
    2. Skokie Cupola Logo 2023
    3. From (street name) to (street name)
    4. Fire Department Apparatus Demonstration*

      Fire Department companies are sent to Block Parties in the early afternoon if available. Rides on the apparatus are not permitted and fire hydrants are not to be opened. The duration of the visit will not exceed 20 to 30 minutes and will be unannounced. Companies participating in the visits remain in service and respond to any alarms.

    5. Request Police Department Visit*

      When available, Police staff enjoy interacting with attendees at Block Parties. The visit will be friendly and during the scheduled Block Party time, but police staff may have to leave to respond to calls for service. Rides in police vehicles are not permitted but may be scheduled at a later date through the SPD Ride Along Program.”  

    6. Interested in learning how to compost food at your block party?  Go Green Skokie (a volunteer environmental organization) offers a brief education presentation about composting food and will help with composting at your block party.  Food compost buckets will be provided and there is no cost to participate.  There are a limited number of volunteers, so it is on a first come, first served basis.  Email to sign-up.

    7. General Instructions:
      It will be necessary for you to obtain the signatures of the majority of the households (one signature per household) affected by the street closing before this application will be processed.
    8. -Fire hydrants shall not be obstructed by material or objects of any kind.
    9. -No obstructions or material to be placed in the street that cannot be easily moved by two people.
    10. -All trash must be removed at the conclusion of the street closing.
    11. -Vehicles shall not be utilized as barricades anywhere in the street.
    12. -Please obtain an amplifier permit if applicable. Please note that there is no fee for the amplifier if its accompanied by a block party application.
    13. -At the end of the event or party, the barricades are to be placed at the original delivery point (usually at each corner) for pickup by public works crews.
    14. -Please allow 15 working days for processing of the application
    15. -The original, approved application will be returned to the applicant.
    16. -Applicant MUST have the approved application in his or her possession on the day of the event or party.
    17. Village Use Only
    18. Engineering
    19. Village Manager
    20. You MUST notify every resident that will be affected by this street closure.  Click here to view a flier that the applicant must fill out and distribute.

      Over 50% of households affected by the street closure must approve and sign. One signature per household.

    21. Safety Tip:
      To insure you have a safe block party, please make sure that the doors and windows of your home are locked during the party. Remember, you will be having fun in the front of your home but a stranger may be entering your home by other means. Also, appoint a few people to walk or patrol once in awhile through the alleys during the party.